HRS-446 Recommended Material for Cement Plant

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HRS-446 Recommended Material for Cement Plant

In the Cement Industry, *Sulphur can be introduced to cement rotary kilns by the cement raw materials and/or by the fuels.

Sulphur is a non metal normally regarded as an impurity and has an adverse effect on impact properties. 

     - Formation of undesirable sulphides which promotes granular weaknesses and cracks in steel during solidification.

     - Sulphur lowers the melting point and intergranular strength and cohesion of steel.

     - Sulphur contributes to the brittleness of steel.

     - Sulphur lower corrosion resistance of steel.


Why 446?

The 446 Stainless Steel is a ferritic, high chromium, non-hardenable stainless steel with

**excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing flames containing sulphur.


That's why we highly recommended HRS-446 to you.


Credit. Azom / GlobalCement / Ispatguru / Tempsens

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